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K9_Grips Dog Slip Lead Leash 12mm

K9_Grips Dog Slip Lead Leash 12mm

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Variations in length and color may occur from product to product, due to the handmade nature of the K9_Grips Dog Slip Lead Leash 12mm.

Dog Slip Lead Leash 8mm Australian manufactured from 100% polyester with a double braid construction.  It has excellent qualities even when used in mud, sand, and dirt. 

Care Instructions 

Beach trips

  • To prevent rusting the ring on your slip leads please make sure you run under fresh water. After a beach trip or fun in the mud. 

Also please note:                                                                                                                    Slip Leads can seriously injure on dog’s neck if not used correctly.  Use is at your own risk. Slip leads are not meant to be used for long walks. 

Slip leads are designed to allow pet owners to keep their furry companions at a prudent distance while training.

Also, the dog slip lead is just a simple way to have a lot more control of your four-legged friend.

If your canine is lagging while being walked, exhibiting a tendency toward leaning on the lead, then this might not be an advantageous method to commence training. Utilizing the slip lead properly can be highly functional.

Before you start using a slip lead on your pup, please make sure you walk your pup properly on a lead first.

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