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KG Winch Pull Strap

KG Winch Pull Strap

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KG Winch Pull Straps are imperative for the accurate management of winch hooks or any line rope hooks.

This KG Winch Pull replacement is constructed of high-quality material, providing reliable performance and longevity.

So, this is the colour choice.    Colour Lists

These KG Winch Pull Strap will add flair to your rigs. 

Also winch pulls will be great for running out those winch ropes in those "I've done my self a mischief moment" that we all get in. 

Leave a message in notes I would love to make a winch pull that reflects your personality.

So, these BAD BOYS will certainly add flair to your rigs.

Please leave a note in checkout. You can add up to 2 colours.

So this KG Winch Pull Strap is light weight and extremely strong which adds strength to the overall winch integrity. 

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