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Multi Colour List

Multi Colour List

Our multi colour list all colours. 

These colour are sure going to make a statement wherever you put them. Either your Ute car camper caravan They are also designed to last with the durability and fade resistant properties. Be sure to make a vivid impression that lasts. This vibrant selection stands up against the elements. With Multi Colour List, you'll bring a beautiful, lasting touch of colour to your space.


Care information

Grab handles washing instructions

You can wash your grab handles in warm soapy water.
Make sure to fully let dry in the sun before installing again. 

Dog and Horse lead washing instructions 

You can wash your dog leads in warm soapy water. 
If really dirty with sand and mud hold about 2 inches apart and push together under running water this will get all out. 
Make sure to let dry in the sun. 


550 Paracord is 

- 100% Nylon inner and outta cords
- 4mm Diameter
- Mildew resistant, will not rot
- Lightweight and extremely strong
- Breaking strain approximately 250kg depending on some of the knots it will be less

Experience Type III Commercial Grade 550 Cord - seven individual inner core strands that are cabled. Strengthen the product integrity with versatile core sections for sewing, fishing, and survival. This cord is great for outdoor camping, hunting, tactical, survival bracelets and more. Nylon material is very strong and pliable and seen as a standard “must have product” by many hunters and backpacker's Four-wheel drive enthusiast. 

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