Meet Anita and Shane

Looking back on how I started, Its hilarious? I made some grab handles for myself and posted to my husband's socials. Everyone loved them. Covid had started and lockdowns were a killer, and I was thinking how am I going to survive? So, I thought how everyone loved our 4x4 grab handles and were asking me to make them some? You guess it I said YES? and that's how I started never did I think I would be sitting here mastering the art of paracord braiding. | Explore our 3-Year Journey! |.  I created Krawlergrips on Instagram and then wham bam the orders started flooding in. Our lockdowns weren't boring anymore and I was kept busy.

Navigating the challenges of starting a business venture through covid has been a very long and hard road.  I can tell you that. But totally worth the journey! When I see all your pics and thank you messages that's what makes my day! 

My aim is to provide you with top notch quality tough 4x4 grab handles and more. I am proud to use in our own rigs and camper and other projects. 

I'll chat to all, whether it be about our products or wanting to meet up on the 4x4 trails for a forby. I couldn't be happier to be a part of the 4x4 community.

See you out on the tracks,

Anita and Shane