Product Information

All grab handles will come with a double black loop. 

(pictures are to show what your main colours will look like)

Washers are a separate purchase

you can purchase here pairs of washers or a bag a washers 

Our standard size for all grab handles is 24cms in length from loop to loop.

We have 2 sizes available for your rigs they are 21cms and 24cm.

For your cargo draws you can get an 18cm grab handle cargo draw here.                                       

We recommend measuring your rigs

Centre of hole to center of hole on your rig, car, plane, camper, draws wherever you want your grab handles to go and add 4-5cm (this will be up to you 4 CMS might be too big or too small) to allow room for you hand to fit behind. Wherever you want your grab handles to go.                                                             

We can do custom sizing for you if not in this link you just have to message us to get a price for you and add it here.

Our grab handles are and aftermarket product to replace your plastic handles in your vehicle's car 4x4 camper and more.

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