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Blue Purple Black Dog Leads 12mm

Blue Purple Black Dog Leads 12mm

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Searching for the paw-fect leash for your big ol' pup? Look no further—our green and black leash is just the lead you need!

The Green and black Lead offers a few sizes, crafted with top-notch Aussie rope. It's equipped with a snap hook and a nifty 25mm black ring on the handle, for a convenient experience.

This fab lead will attach to any standard lead or harness and give you that beach or bush boost you need! Durability is our priority- we built it to stand up to the oft-harsh Aussie elements with top-notch fittings and Aussie-made rope!
No matter the length, each of our handcrafted leads is created to the same high standard!

For Custom lengths please contact us at for pricing options. 

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