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Dream Catcher Car Ornament

Dream Catcher Car Ornament

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This Dream Catcher Car Ornament is designed to add an aesthetic enhancement to your car's interior, providing an artistic touch.

Beautiful Handcrafted Rearview Car mirror charm created from metal dream catcher, silver tone feathers and a thin cord to hang it from. 

These dream catcher rear vison mirror offer a unique look that is brough to life with the dangle feathers. You know they are going to be different with this hanging from your mirror.

  • Dream Catcher Charm Silver color with teal bead. Pack contains of 1pc.
  • This is 7.5cm long and 3cm wide.
  • The perfect little addition to your pride and joy.
  • 100% Brand New and High-Quality Product 
  • Dream Catcher Home/Car Decor

This will make an awesome little gift for you best friend. mum or even coworker or even for your personal use.

Gorgeous Dream Catcher rear vison mirror Drop Feathers! Dream catchers have also been known for thousands of years to catch the bad dreams. Let the goods ones through instead. So, with the first light of the new day, the bad dreams, not knowing where to go. Will get tangled in the dream catcher. Perish with the first shadows of the new day.

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