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Friendship Paracord Bracelet

Friendship Paracord Bracelet

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Design: These handmade bracelets are stylish and lightweight, with vibrant patterns for every occasion. Easily pair them with any outfit and look cool and attractive!

Adjustable Size: You can customize the size of the Friendship Paracord Bracelet to work for both kids and adults. The adjustable braided design ensures a proper fit for everyone.

Materials: This stylish paracord bracelet is crafted from strong, durable nylon rope. Its tightly woven design stays secure even with daily wear and won't break or fray easily - meaning you can trust it to last you a long time.

Gift Ideas: These awesome rope bracelets are perfect for outdoor or indoor activities even swimming. Get one for your son daughter, dad mum, bf or gf, or female male buddy as a great gift for their birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion.

Sizing Guide
 1. For example making sure the palm of your hand is facing upwards.
 2. But also open your hand while doing so will ensure you get the real size of your wrist when it’s at its largest to get a correct fitting braided 550 bracelets
 3.  So wr
ap the measuring tape around your wrist.                                                                     4. Also please read the size on the measuring tape, preferably centimeters.


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